Many clients tend to think that a higher budget means a better event, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The truth is, a more thoughtful event planning and design is what leads to a better experience for your client and their guests.

Whether you’re planning a ten person office party or a one thousand person product launch, the first concrete decision that needs to be made is the same: the venue.

Once you have the venue, everything else can start falling into place – the exact date, the decor, the entertainment, the food… all of it.

We get this question a lot. Since a corporate event shouldn’t be thrown together at the last minute, it’s really helpful to have as much time as possible to plan.

People often ask us, “isn’t an Event Planner, Event Designer, and Event Producer the same thing?” Let me rephrase that; is a Financial Planner, an Interior Designer, and a Construction Foreman the same thing?   Some may argue “yes”.

The Importance of Branding your Corporate Event

The How, Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Event Branding


How do I plan a successful brand specific event?

Consider yourself for a moment, at your desk, working hard for your organization, with a to-do list that gets longer by the minute, and then you’re tasked with planning a corporate event.